How do I find out who my boyfriend is talking to on the phone?

Answer Direct ApproachAsk your boyfriend to determine who he is talking with on the phone.Indirect ApproachWrite down the time and date of the call. Look in your boyfriend's mobile phone log for the numbe... Read More »

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What do you do if your father abuses you for talking to a boyfriend you've had for 2 years?

Your father probably has some jealousy issues over your boyfriend, which is why he is acting in an abusive way towards you. How old are you? This would make it much easier to know how to help you. ... Read More »

When talking on cordless phone my kids in room are heard in my earpiece do i have a bad phone or is it my line?

You need to see if you set different channels for your cordless phone.Wireless can cause distortion to electronic devices such as ear pieces or even other wireless devices.It has nothing at all to ... Read More »

My boyfriend has leukemia and I keep going days without talking to him thinking he is dead. Is this wrong?

Think about if you were the one diagnosed with something life threatening. Wouldn't you want all the support you could get? You shouldn't rely on word of mouth from other people to know if your boy... Read More »

I have a htc vivid phone and when im talking the person on their phone cant hear me but i can here them?

Not enough information, there a million reasons why this might happen. I'll just throw down a few troubleshooting ideas based on reasons I've encountered recently;Have you taken the screen protect... Read More »