How do I find out who an anon is on tumblr?

Answer Hey!Anons are meant to be anonymous so there is no way for you to find out who that anon is. Blocking won't help you either. Just forget it and don't let it bother you. Move on. Have fun using Tumb... Read More »

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How can you trace the IP address of a anon Tumblr?

Highlight the Block link then right click and select “View Selection Source” ( “Inspect Element” in Google Chrome). In the next window, search this: Read More »

Asked anon tumblr question while not logged in, where can I see the reply?

If she answers it, it will show up on her blog [herusername] Anonymous questions are never private message if she chooses to answer it. She might not answer it, though, she could just d... Read More »

I blocked an anon on tumblr and I want to unblock them because I found out it was my friend... How?

If they are following you, go to your followers list, find them and next to their URL should be a block/ unblock button.

Sites like ask fm to find out anon?

There are NO such sites.Anonymous means what it means. Person who is unknown, incognito, nameless.