How do I find out what music I bought on iTunes?

Answer ConnectOpen iTunes by connecting your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod device to a computer that has Internet access and iTunes installed.Sign InLook on the left side of the iTunes window to view a colum... Read More »

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How can I redownload the music I bought on itunes to my new computer's itunes library?

Hi..Install itunes on new computer...Run itunesClick "store". and select "Sign in"..A prompt will appear once you have signed in to down load previous purchases..Or Select "Itunes store"..Click "pu... Read More »

How do you transfer music that you bought on your iPhone 3g to another itunes music library?

I assume you have DRM songs stored on your iPhone. You have to authorize the computer you are working on. Please follow this simple procedure to solve your problem: 1. Run iTunes 2. Click on St... Read More »

Does music bought on iTunes work on any MP3 player?

iTunes songs that use Digital Rights Management (DRM) only work on the iPod. However, in recent years the iTunes music store has sold an increasing number of songs with no DRM. Songs from iTunes wi... Read More »

I bought like 14 new cd's last night & put them on my itunes library & now the new music won't go on the ipod?

Try restarting the computer, opening iTunes, and then trying again. If that doesn't work, then I guess you could try restoring your iPod.