How do I find out what graphics card I have in my pc without opening the pc?

Answer click start, control panel, display, settings, advanced

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How to Find Out What Graphics Card You Have?

If you want to see your hardware that's currently installed on your PC, follow the instruction below.

Where do i find what graphics card i have on an XP?

imho i would right click your desktop and you will get a menu , go to properties then this will tell you what graphics card you have, or he is a better idea , wear a wrist strap and open the case ... Read More »

Do i have to UNinstall graphics driver first (to REinstall later) before adding another graphics card for SLI?

If you're using SLI then you have the exact same chip set as your first card, which means you already have the drivers for your second card. All drivers for SLI enabled cards already have SLI capab... Read More »

How do you find out what your graphics card is?

Right click on your desktop and click properties, then click on settings tab and click advanced. And then select adapter tab which will show all the details about your graphics card including your ... Read More »