How do I find out if my tax rebate has been sent?

Answer Visit to the IRS WebsiteVisit to the website "" This takes you to the IRS government website homepage. Once there, look on the lower right-hand side of the screen, and click on the icon... Read More »

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If I did not get a tax rebate letter does that mean I am not getting a rebate?

Hello,I assume you are referring to the "economic stimulus payment." This plan is designed to give the American economy a little boost in the wake of all the recession talk.So, how do you know if y... Read More »

What is a tax rebate?

During recessions or fiscal surpluses, governments sometimes issue payments in the form of tax rebates to taxpayers. Rebates are often intended to boost the economy and differ from the tax refunds ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Tax Rebate?

Tax rebates are periodically issued by the government as a way to stimulate spending. Many taxpayers are becoming more careful about how they spend or save these rebates and the refunds they get af... Read More »

How VAT Rebate Works?

American Citizens may notice the letters "VAT" when making a purchase or using a service when traveling in the European Union. VAT stands for value added tax, and is a tax that is included in the c... Read More »