How do I find out if my tax rebate has been sent?

Answer Visit to the IRS WebsiteVisit to the website "" This takes you to the IRS government website homepage. Once there, look on the lower right-hand side of the screen, and click on the icon... Read More »

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How to Find Out if Your Tax Return Has Been Sent?

If you are due money back on your federal or state taxes, you want to know when you can expect that rebate check or deposit to arrive. The Internal Revenue Service and your state provide informatio... Read More »

If I did not get a tax rebate letter does that mean I am not getting a rebate?

Hello,I assume you are referring to the "economic stimulus payment." This plan is designed to give the American economy a little boost in the wake of all the recession talk.So, how do you know if y... Read More »

Have any probes been sent to the sun?

no probes have been sent. in fact, nothing ever has been sent to the sun because of the high temperatures. they would be destroyed on entry. even being close to the sun would damage them.

How do I retrieve my e-mail, after it has been sent to me?

You have to get an email program like Eudora and configure it for your internet providers email settings. You can ask them for the pop server and the smtp server