How do I find out if an insurance company tested me for alcohol by reading lab results and what would I look for to show the alcohol level?

Answer Blood may contain alcohol shortly after you have been drinking. BUT it is out of the blood stream in 18 to 24 hours after your last alcohol drink.In a lab test, alcohol is expressed as so many part... Read More »

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How does alcohol show up on blood test results?

Blood alcohol content is measured to obtain information for medical or legal purposes, including whether a person recently consumed alcohol or was driving under the influence of it. Alcohol shows u... Read More »

How much alcohol drinking will cause a .08 blood alcohol level and a dui?

The amount of alcohol needed to register a .08 blood alcohol content on a Breathalyzer test varies based upon weight and sex. Additionally, the type of alcohol consumed, liquor versus beer, also ma... Read More »

Will liability insurance cover a bride and groom who serve alcohol at a reception that is not catered by a company with a liquor license?

I doubt it, were I you, I would check this with whatever company you are purchasing this event coverage from.

What is the ph level of rubbing alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol, otherwise known as rubbing alcohol, is neutral and has a pH level of 7.0. Isopropyl alcohol has a molecular weight of 60.09, and a structural formula of CH3-CH(OH)-CH3.Source:In... Read More »