How do I find out if a movie was made?

Answer Movie DatabaseSearch for a film database online, then choose one from the search results. The most popular film database will be listed at the top of the search. Click on the link and go to the sit... Read More »

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How Do I Play a Movie Made in Windows Movie Maker Through Windows Live Movie Maker?

Windows Live Movie Maker is a video-editing program available on Windows 7. The previous version, called Windows Movie Maker, was available on Windows ME through Vista operating systems. Movie Make... Read More »

Who made the movie fantasia?

Walt Disney studios made the movie "Fantasia" and first released it in theaters on November 13,1940. Walt Disney was the producer and the movie was made from his basic idea and concept.Source:Fantasia

What movie made you cry?

Older one of the 1990s early. It was sleeping with the enermy because it reminded me of my ex financee. Then the movie not without my daughter. That was an older one too.I think it was because t... Read More »

Can a copy of a blu-ray movie be made?

Blu-ray movies can be copied onto a hard drive. To do so you would need a blue-ray drive in your computer and ripping software. Several programs exist for this purpose, which is legal as long as th... Read More »