How do I find out how much coins are worth?

Answer Coin collecting is a profitable hobby. You may come across coins that could potentially earn you thousands of dollars and not realize it. Many rare coins are still in circulation, being used at fac... Read More »

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How to find out how much old coins are worth?

Whitman Publishing's "Red Book United States Coins" is the standard used by coin collectors and dealers. A new edition is published each year. For coins from other countries, find a collectible coi... Read More »

Where can I find a listing of the worth of old coins?

Numerous websites list the worth of old coins. Coin grading services, like PCGS, maintain price guides. Coin clubs and collectors also produce coin value charts on websites, like us-coin-values-adv... Read More »

How much are Mexican coins worth?

Most Mexican coins are pesos. Unless the coin is rare, as of November 2009, the exchange rate for Mexican pesos was 13 to one U.S. dollar, or about 8 cents per

How much are Roman coins worth?

Roman coin values vary widely based on desirability. A rare coin is not valuable if there is no demand from collectors. Common coins may be worth several dollars. Desirable examples in top conditi... Read More »