How do I find out how much a job pays?

Answer Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics' website. Experts post salary statistics for a variety of jobs. Information is also broken down by industry and location.Search social networking sites for curr... Read More »

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Is there a way to find out how much someone pays on their mortgage?

Ok, I know why you are asking from your last question. What they pay for a mortgage has nothing to do with the amount of rent you should pay. For all you know their home is paid off, that does not ... Read More »

How much do I really get after life insurance pays?

Life insurance benefits paid to a named beneficiary are exempt from income tax. The beneficiary should receive 100 percent of the death benefit. Life insurance benefits can be taxed for estate tax ... Read More »

If Nancy pays her bank 465.23 a month for 48 months how much will she have paid on her installment loan?

How do courts determine how much support a man pays for another child by a different woman for support?

The family with the older child[ren] gets the full percentage of net income. The family with the younger child[ren] gets a percentage of net income after subtracting payments ordered and being made... Read More »