How do I find my password?

Answer If you are running a Windows computer you will need Ubuntu. To get Ubuntu, download the ISO [link provided] and burn it to a DVD. To use Ubuntu put the disk in your DVD drive and shutdown your comp... Read More »

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To open Macro document asks me a password though not protected with password by me. what is that password?

Either someone has password protected that file or whole drive like a flash or jump drive ...if that file is not password protected by you the you must open that file on the computer that made it... Read More »

How to Find an ICQ Password?

ICQ is an instant messaging platform that has the distinction of being one of the first IM clients to connect users across the Internet. Unlike other IM platforms, ICQ does not identify users with ... Read More »

How to Find out a Password?

Good passwords are hard to guess. Follow these steps to find out someone's not-so-great password.

How to Find a Zip Password?

Whether you want to store files on a data disk or easily transfer multiple files to a friend, you may have experience using zip files. Zip files compress multiple files and come with a .zip file ex... Read More »