How do I find an owner of a wireless cell phone?

Answer Look for Owner of Lost Cell PhoneWait a few hours and see if the owner of the phone calls. If the owner doesn't call, try contacting the cell phone company. Let the carrier know that a lost cell ph... Read More »

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If you find a cell phone..and the owner calls the cell...would you return it..or keep it.?

Common courtesy dictates that you would have to return it. I agree with this, because I know if I lost a phone I would want someone to return it to me.

How do I find an owner of a cell phone?

Find Owner of Lost PhoneWait for the phone to ring, and answer it. Often, when a person loses the cell phone, he will call his own number to see if someone will answer and return the phone. As a se... Read More »

How to Find the Owner of Cell Phone for Free?

Losing a cell phone can be a devastating experience. When you lose your cell phone you lose more than a handheld device, you lose your contacts, text messages and personal pictures. If you find som... Read More »

How do I find the owner of a cell phone number?

Accessing Cell Phone NumbersGo to and find "Lookup Cell Phone Numbers" at the top of the page.Entering the Cell Phone NumberEnter the cell phone number of the person you are lo... Read More »