How do I find a website that I visited a few months ago and did't save it?

Answer Google everything you can think of about the site. If that doesn't turn anything up, try to see if anyone else has bookmarked it. Or Digg, or stumbleupon. If it was a good site, someone... Read More »

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How do I find which day I visited a website from my history tab?

You don't say what browser but sorting by Date and Site should do it. If you haven't disabled it you can try searching your Google Web History.

I visited a website that was like wikipedia but it was all about celebrities?

IMDB.comnot only for movies, also for celebrities. it gives a biography, pictures and every single movie/ the person's ever been in.

Is BBC the most visited website?

Where does my computer save web pages I visited?

If you are using Internet Explorer as your primary web browser, press and hold down the "CTRL" and the "H" keys. If you are using Firefox, press and hold "CTRL" "SHIFT" and "H." This command will b... Read More »