How do I find a place to cheaply fill one month's blood pressure medicine?

Answer Shop around. Go from one pharmacy to the other, and get comparisons.It might even be possible that the drug manufacturer would give you a free supply for one month till your insurance kicks in. ... Read More »

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I want to reduce my blood pressure to 120/80. Without medicine How i can do?

1. Reduce your salt to 2 g a day. One level teaspoon, thats allNo bakery stuff or processed foods2. Exercise: 20 mins a day of walking3. Eat lots of fruit. The potassium will aid BP fall4. Meditate... Read More »

Should blood pressure medicine be taken at a certain time of the day?

Blood pressure, or BP, medication is usually taken once a day, every day. When deciding the best time to take medications, one must take many factors into account, including: normal daily blood pre... Read More »

Y the medicine don't work for high blood pressure?

Everybody is built differently. There are some people who respond to the medicines immediately, and others that are sometimes put on 2 types of medicines 2 to 3 times a day to try to control blood... Read More »

Does blood pressure medicine cause excess sweating?

There are several classes of blood pressure medications and the most common side effects for all, are feeling faint or dizzy, fatigue and erectile dysfunction in men. For most people, blood pressur... Read More »