How do I find a movie with a certain actress in it?

Answer Your Internet BrowserType the website into your internet browser. Press enter and wait for the site's home page to appear.Searching IMDbNear the top of the IMDb homepage you will find ... Read More »

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If you buy a 3d movie with the glasses, does it have to be on a certain TV, or any TV?

Older 3D DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that come with anaglyph glasses (colored lenses) can be used with any type of display. The colored lenses can cause certain colors to become filtered out completely ... Read More »

Do you have to be a certain age to go to a pg13 movie in theaters?

"PG-13" is a film rating implemented by the Motion Picture Association of America. It does not prohibit children under 13 from seeing the movie if they are accompanied by an adult, but children und... Read More »

Who do you think was the hottest, sexiest movie actress in the world?

Natalie Wood was ,when she was alive.

Need to find a movie with a western theme from the 90s?

Streets of Laredo 1995 it is a miniseries. Alexis Cruz is the actor. Not everything is the same as your description, but he definitely shoots and hangs someone, and he is drowning his sister with h... Read More »