How do I find a movie that I can only remember a clip from?

Answer Information About Specific FilmsFind a film about which you only know a specific scene, clip, dialog, actor or theme by navigating to one of several websites. IMDb is an impressively large website ... Read More »

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How do I find the name of a movie if I can only remember a small clip?

Note Who Is In ItIdentify the actor/actress in the clip you saw. Ideally, it will be a big star who you can easily recognize. If it is a character actor/actress in a smaller role, think about anoth... Read More »

I am trying to find a movie that I can't remember it's name..?

The Thief Lord…

How to save a movie clip from YOUTUBE? this

How do you get a video clip that you have recorded on a camera to windows movie maker to where you can edit it?

Put the DVD into the computer. When a window comes up asking what you want to do it, click WIndows Explorer. Then, when the next window comes up, drag the file into My Documents, where it will sa... Read More »