How do I find a movie that I can only remember a clip from?

Answer Information About Specific FilmsFind a film about which you only know a specific scene, clip, dialog, actor or theme by navigating to one of several websites. IMDb is an impressively large website ... Read More »

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How do I find the name of a movie if I can only remember a small clip?

Note Who Is In ItIdentify the actor/actress in the clip you saw. Ideally, it will be a big star who you can easily recognize. If it is a character actor/actress in a smaller role, think about anoth... Read More »

I am trying to find a movie that I can't remember it's name..?

The Thief Lord…

How do I burn a movie clip to a DVD?

Installing SoftwareDownload and install DVD-burning software. Make sure the program you select is compatible with your computer (Mac or PC). Many such programs are available for purchase, but simpl... Read More »

What is a Flash movie clip?

A Flash movie clip is a video created using Adobe's Flash authoring software. In 2008, over 80 percent of the video clips available on the Internet were Flash videos. Clips with the .flv file exten... Read More »