How do I file farm partnership taxes?

Answer Two separate tax filings are required for a farm partnership. One is an informational return filed for the entity on Schedule F; it includes a form K-1 for each partner. The other is a filing by ea... Read More »

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How to Make a Map of Your Farm on the Farm File Website?

Online mapping exampleEver wanted to create a custom accurate map of your land or farm? This article shows you haw you can make accurate maps and measurements of your land online.

Amount of Taxes Owed From a Partnership?

Partnerships are usually not taxed as separate entities, although exceptions exist. Partners are taxed by the federal government and state governments on partnership income according to their tax s... Read More »

How to File for a California Domestic Partnership?

Same-sex couples in California may want to apply for domestic-partnership status. By registering as domestic partners, couples are entitled to all the rights and protections of state law. To qualif... Read More »

Can a partnership file for chapter 13 bankruptcy?

According to U.S. bankruptcy code, only individuals qualify for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. The alternative for a partnership or corporation is a chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is a reorganization plan ... Read More »