How do I file a Notice of Incorporation in Georgia?

Answer Incorporating your business has many advantages. Protecting your personal assets from business lawsuits, lower tax rates and the ability to obtain additional credit if necessary are three reasons w... Read More »

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How to File Georgia State Business Incorporation Tax Forms?

Corporations in the state of Georgia pay a flat tax rate of six percent, paid only on the income earned within Georgia, and there are no unitary taxes due. Georgia uses a single factor apportionmen... Read More »

How to File an Incorporation?

If you wish to start a business and you have chosen a corporation as your business entity, then you must file a document called "Articles of Incorporation," which is sometimes called a "Certificate... Read More »

How to File Articles of Incorporation in PA?

A corporation is the most complex form of business organization in the State of Pennsylvania. It is organized so that it has 1 or more owners but it operates as a single entity. It is often organiz... Read More »

How to File for Incorporation in Wisconsin?

Businesses that incorporate in the state of Wisconsin appear as a separate legal entity from the shareholders. Shareholders of Wisconsin corporations have limited liability for the companies' debts... Read More »