How do I figure the sales tax portion of a purchase?

Answer Add 1 to the sales tax rate. For example, if the sales tax rate is 0.04, you would add 1 to get 1.04.Divide your total purchase price by the sales tax rate plus 1 to find the price before tax. In t... Read More »

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How to Figure the Taxable Portion of Annuities?

Because of their tax advantages, annuities can be a useful tool for retirement planning. Investments in an annuity grow tax deferred. Taxes on investment gains do not need to be paid until they are... Read More »

How do I figure out sales tax paid?

Add One to Sales Tax RateAdd one to the sales tax rate expressed as a decimal. For example, if the sales tax is 3.4 percent, or 0.034 as a decimal, you would add one to 0.034 to get 1.034.Get Preta... Read More »

How to Figure Missouri Sales Tax on a Car?

Some states have complicated auto-sales tax plans. Missouri, however, is not one of them. When you register a vehicle in Missouri, you pay a onetime sales tax that is based on the selling price of ... Read More »

How to Figure Out Sales Tax for California?

The California State Board of Equalization imposes a sales tax on purchases made within the state boundaries. Retailers are responsible for paying the tax to the state, but can pass it along to con... Read More »