How do I figure out the GB in my RAM in my computer?

Answer Just right click on "My Computer" icon and go to properties. Here you find RAM size of your computer.

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How to Figure out Why a Computer Won't Boot?

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How do I figure out what kind of RAM my computer takes ?

Visit It's going to ask you the brand name and model number of your computer. After, it will tell you how much RAM your computer can take and what kind. You can order it directly f... Read More »

How do I figure out whether my graphics card is part of the motherboard and without taking apart the computer?

In order to upgrade your graphics card you need to know a few things. First, does your computer have a slot for it, and second, what kind of slot does it have? AGP 4x/8x or PCIexpress are the newes... Read More »

I bought a computer from a yardsale and I can't get into it till I figure out the pass word any ideas?

You can spend hours downloading software to crack it, or take it to Geek Squad and for $30 they will remove it. It takes them about 15 minutes.