How do I felt with acrylic yarn Is it at all possible?

Answer I know that you can buy acrylic craft felt, however, I'm pretty sure that you can't repeat this process at home. Traditional felting relies on the fact the wool shrinks when washed. The wool fiber... Read More »

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How to Tell Wool Yarn from Acrylic Yarn?

Knowing whether your skein of yarn is wool or acrylic is very important. Whether it be for allergies, beliefs, or personal preference, determining the material used to make your yarn can be very im... Read More »

What Is Acrylic Yarn?

Acrylic yarn is one of many synthetic or man-made yarns available for hand knitters and crocheters. It is readily available and comes in an array of weights, colors and textures. Acrylic yarn is ea... Read More »

How Is Acrylic Yarn Made?

The result of the chemical synthesis of coal, air and water, synthetic yarns like acrylic are born in manufacturing environments rather than on ranches or in a field. Acrylic fibers were created by... Read More »

How to Hand-Dye Acrylic Yarn?

Since acrylic yarn is made of man-made materials, it does not take to dyes as well as natural fibers such as wool or cotton do. However, disperse dyes, which can lightly penetrate the acrylic fiber... Read More »