How do I feed baby chickens?

Answer Chick StarterFeed baby chickens the special feed they require; they can't eat chicken scratch or layer's ration. Feed stores routinely carry bags of "chick starter" that you can get for your new ch... Read More »

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How to Feed Chickens Egg Shells?

Depending on her breed, a healthy, productive hen can potentially lay up to 300 eggs per year. Since each egg shell contains calcium, this can quickly lead to malnutrition of the hen and thin egg s... Read More »

What feed do full grown chickens eat?

Mature chickens must receive a balanced diet to stay healthy. A debate among poultry feed specialists revolves around the merits of commercial feed vs. free-range diets, but the basic nutrients mus... Read More »

What to feed a nine month old baby who is breast feed?

You can feed them anything you would feed a bottle-fed baby of the same age. Try baby food in a jar.

How to Dye Baby Chickens?

Coloring baby chickens is great for holidays or a fun gift. Dyeing baby chickens is not dangerous for the birds if done carefully and hygienically. If it's for Easter or St. Patrick's Day, dyeing y... Read More »