How do I feed a baby cold breast milk?

Answer Plan AheadPlan ahead by estimating when you will feed your baby to allow stored breast milk to warmed in time for feedings.ThawingRun the breast milk storage container (bottle or bag) under warm ta... Read More »

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Should you breast feed if you have a cold?

Absolutely, you are giving your baby all your immunity, even if he/she catches your cold you will be helping him/her get over it. And if you have a cold, chances are any other adult who cares for y... Read More »

What to feed a nine month old baby who is breast feed?

You can feed them anything you would feed a bottle-fed baby of the same age. Try baby food in a jar.

How old are you now,how old were you when you had your first baby, did you breast feed, and where are you from?

32 and I was 21 when I had my first baby, yes I breastfed and I am originally from Montana.

Is it illegal to breast feed someone else's baby?

Eeewwww... get a lawyer! You can probably demand that she get blood work to see if she has exposed your child to something nasty!Or at least call the doctor! I am sure you checked her out before yo... Read More »