How do I farm pepper plants?

Answer Peppers love the warm weather. These high-temperature fruits will grow slowly and are smaller than their sister fruit, the tomato. If you are planning to cultivate pepper plants, choose your locati... Read More »

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Farm House Landscape Plants?

The cottage garden style, originally highly practical as well as beautiful, offers an ideal landscaping framework for farm houses. The traditional cottage garden "formula" is fairly broad, combinin... Read More »

Do pepper plants need to be staked?

Pepper plants grow 1 to 3 feet tall. They only need staking when the fruit is large, fully formed and threatens to break the plant stems. Most pepper plants will grow normally without needing to be... Read More »

Perennial Pepper Plants?

Whether a pepper plant is an annual or a perennial all depends on how you take care of it or the location in which it grows. Generally, all pepper plants are perennials. However, they are susceptib... Read More »

How to Cone Pepper Plants?

Protecting pepper plants from frost will extend the growing season and increase yields. Placing a cone around the plant in the spring, when they are first planted, and in the fall, when they are at... Read More »