How do I estimate vinyl siding?

Answer Square Footage of Exterior WallsMeasure the perimeter of the home. Measure the height from the bottom of the siding to the eaves. Multiply the two numbers to get the square footage of the exterior ... Read More »

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How do I estimate how much vinyl siding I will need?

Get Ready to CalculateMake a drawing of each wall of your house that you plan to side. Divide each wall into rectangles and triangles as necessary; for example, a wall under the peak of a roof woul... Read More »

How do i estimate vinyl siding per square?

Estimate Square FootageEstimate the square footage of the exterior of the building. Multiply the perimeter by the height of the walls. Measure any triangular outside surfaces, and multiply the leng... Read More »

How to Estimate Vinyl Siding Per Square?

When beginning an exterior improvement project such as adding or replacing vinyl siding, it is essential to accurately measure the square footage of the building. Many contractors or home improveme... Read More »

Can vinyl siding be installed over wood lap siding?

Vinyl siding can be installed over wood lap siding. The wood lap siding should be checked for rot and termite damage and repaired before being sided over. It may also be necessary to install vertic... Read More »