How do I erase a hard drive& prepare to load a new operating system?

Answer Change BIOS SettingsPress the "F2" or "Delete" key on the keyboard while your computer is booting up to enter the BIOS menu. Locate the boot menu section, and change the first boot device to your C... Read More »

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How to Erase a Hard Drive & Not the Operating System?

Erasing a hard drive while keeping the operating system may be necessary if you are transferring ownership of your computer or if you are just looking to cleanup your system. In a default setup in ... Read More »

How to Erase the Hard Drive in an HP System Recovery?

Hewitt Packard has various computer systems including laptops and desktops. Within all HP computers are back up resources, called the System Recovery. The System Recovery allows users to fix their ... Read More »

How do I erase a hard drive on a Mac?

Disk UtilityConnect the drive to the computer (using either a Firewire or USB cable plugged into the corresponding port). Launch the Disk Utility program in the Utilities sub-folder located in the ... Read More »

How to erase a hard drive?

I'd advice against doing that. Erasing the hard drive is relatively easy but getting the computer as it was before, i.e., with all the programs you use installed and configured is a real pain. Here... Read More »