How do I enter search terms in Google?

Answer put your search item in double quotes ( "your search item" ) and try... Refer this link

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How is it that some sites show up in google with my search terms but when I enter they don't have any of them.?

Most likely reason is that the page has changed since Google last crawled it. What I mean by that is, when you search Google you aren't searching the current version of webpages, but a database sto... Read More »

What other Terms other than "Jew" is offensive on google search?

I'm sorry, how is jew offensive in any way?

Why is Google considered better in Yahoo! in terms of search engines?

Because, quite simply, Yagoo tries to be everything to everyone and just can't do it.That's not biased, it's just a fact. I don't know if it's their corporate mentality or just a matter of having ... Read More »

Why am I not able to get Google search terms cache color highlighted on Firefox?

Links turn purple based on your browsing history (not cookies), make sure your history is turned on and links should turn purple (it works for me anyway). If you don't know how to turn history on, ... Read More »