How do I enter evidence for orders of protection in Tennessee under rule 402?

Answer Sections 401 to 412 of Tennessee's Rules of Evidence define the kinds of evidence that can be presented in court. The general rule of thumb is evidence must be "relevant" to a fact of consequence ... Read More »

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What is the parol evidence rule?

People enter into contracts everyday. Occasionally, parties attempt to alter their agreements. When a dispute occurs, evidence of any changes is called parol evidence and is not always admissible i... Read More »

What is parol evidence rule?

The parol evidence rule is a principle in contract law that prevents evidence of prior or contemporaneous discussions or agreements from being considered when interpreting a contract if the evidenc... Read More »

Are personal protection orders public record?

A personal protection order (PPO) is a civil order issued by a judge that prohibits and restrains the respondent, the person whom the order is against, from having contact with the victim. A PPO is... Read More »

Im deployed in support of OIF can I use my military ID and travel orders to enter the UK on leave to see my wife?

This is a question which really needs to be directed to the Judge Advocate General (who, in turn, would probably have to contact the British consulate in DC). Tentatively speaking, orders and an ID... Read More »