How do I engrave with a Dremel?

Answer SetupSelect an appropriate size diamond-tipped Dremel bit for the work you are planning to do. Attach a flex shaft to the Dremel to give yourself more maneuverability while working.PlanningPlan out... Read More »

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How do I engrave on wood with a Dremel tool?

Stain the wood you wish to engrave, using two coats for the best results.Draw the pattern you wish to engrave onto the wood using a stencil or carbon paper to ensure the design is correct before yo... Read More »

Can I use a Dremel to engrave a pocket knife blade?

The Dremel carbide engraving point and diamond engraving point attachments can both be used to engrave the blade of a pocket knife because both points are suitable for use on metal. The diamond eng... Read More »

How to Engrave?

Engraving metal is the process where a hard sharpened piece of steel is pushed into the surface of the metal to create images. Historically, it was used as a method to produce images on paper for a... Read More »

Can you engrave an iPod?

Yes if you get it done by apple otherwise you might void your warranty