How do I end SPAM emails once and for all ?

Answer Get rid of your email address or send all your mail to bulk and delete it as soon as it comes in without looking at it.Spam email will always be around because as soon as a system comes up to defea... Read More »

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What are the top 5 SPAM emails you get?

1) "paypal", "ebay", etc... asking for my password, even before I actually had an account thre (so they are not the real ones)2) "Get -50% off!" on a shop I never heard of.3) Some friends sending m... Read More »

Why am I getting so many spam emails?

you should switch your email provider then, try to use as recently only have joined this site and m quite satisfied with its services of emailing.

Are these emails from twitter spam or are they true ?

Look at the email sender's email address, if it's under the domain (or something like then it's a legit email. Although from what you've said it sounds more like... Read More »

Spam emails coming from a random e-mail address, but with the name of people in my contacts?

Maybe your hotmail account has been hacked.If your hotmail account has been blocked or hacked, you can get help at Hotmail account was hacked last thursday, but I got ... Read More »