How do I email to a fax number?

Answer Growing in popularity is emailing to a fax number via an online service that acts as a intermediary. By purchasing a plan from an online third party, you also eliminate the need for a fax machine. ... Read More »

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How to Connect a Fax to an Email Fax Number?

An email fax number allows someone to receive faxes, just like a fax machine. The only difference is that when you send a fax to an email fax number, the person gets it via electronic mail instead ... Read More »

How do I connect a fax to an email fax number?

Sign up With an Online Faxing CompanySign up for an account with an online faxing company such as "Efax." (See Reference.) Open an email program that you would like to use, such as Hotmail or the W... Read More »

How do I email to a fax number in Microsoft Outlook?

Send an Email to a Fax NumberIn Microsoft Outlook, click "File." Then select "New" and click "Internet Fax" (in Outlook 2007) or "Fax" (in Outlook 2003). If you are sending an email to a fax number... Read More »

How to Send Email to a Text Number?

A cellphone's number is part of its email address. Any email you send to this address arrives to your friend's phone in the form of a text message. If he so desires, your friend may reply to this t... Read More »