How do I email a song in MP3 format?

Answer In most cases, sending an MP3 through email is as simple as a few mouse clicks. If your email server prohibits MP3 exchanges, though, you may have to hide your files in an archive.First AttemptBefo... Read More »

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How to Format a Special Email?

Do you ever get those holiday emails that have been formatted so beautifully that you store them away for "ever?" This guide will show you all you need to know about formatting a special email.

How to Format Email in Outlook?

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How do i format email addresses?

Type the local part of the email address, such as jane.doe. Next, type the "@" symbol and the domain part, such as Do not use spaces between the local part, the "@" symbol and the domain... Read More »

How do I Format a DVD File to Email?

It is possible to email the contents of a DVD; however, there are changes that you need to make to each of the pieces of material on the DVD so it can be sent. This is a quick process, but it requi... Read More »