How do I eliminate weeds in gravel driveways?

Answer Vinegar SolutionPour some full strength vinegar with at least 5 percent acidity into a clean, spray bottle. Spray this onto your weeds and watch them for two or three days. If they do not turn yell... Read More »

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How do I plow gravel driveways?

Preparing the PlowInstall plow shoes onto the plow to bring the edge at least a 1/2-inch above the ground. If shoes are not installed, it will dig in and drag the gravel off the driveway. As you dr... Read More »

How do I retain gravel on driveways?

RetentionUse intermittent 8-by-8 ties as grade beams, spaced 12 feet apart, beneath 1 to 1 1/2 inches of gravel. The beams should be sunk six to seven inches below the ground surface. Ensure the be... Read More »

How do I grade gravel driveways?

Rough GradingGrade the earth where you will place the gravel with a shovel or tractor. Ensure the ground slope is less than 10 percent, and is even down the length of the drive.GravelPour 1 1/2 to ... Read More »

How to Prevent Weeds from Growing in Gravel (Salting)?

Have you just laid down a new gravelled driveway or path to your house? Don't want those nasty weeds taking over ? You need to 'salt the earth' or the freshly laid gravel, because the ph value in ... Read More »