How do I eliminate house ants?

Answer Insecticides are the most effective products to kill household ants. The easiest insecticides to use are those in the form of ant bait. Place bait in areas of your home where you have observed ants... Read More »

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Ants Invading My House?

best way is to use insect killer in your yard and around your house usually you spread it down like grass seed or fertilizer so your pets won't see it,they also make sprays to go around foundation ... Read More »

How do i control ants in a house?

Remove any source of food for the ants. Wipe up any spills on the floors and counter tops. Getting rid of the food source will keep ants from coming back.Leave a trail of farina cereal, such as Cre... Read More »

How can I get rid of flying ants in my house?

First you need to make sure they are flying ants and not termites. In either case, they themselves are harmless. they are released to try to establish a new colony. You need to find the location wh... Read More »

How do I remove house ants?

Seal any cracks or crevices through which ants can crawl into your home. Clean these entry points with detergent and spray an insecticide designed for ants.Place ant baits in common ant areas, like... Read More »