How do I edit the files on my DVD-RW disk once I'm done filming?

Answer You will have to finalise the DVD in the camcorder first, so that it can be read. put the dvd in the computer drive, and copy rip the files off it, you can do this two ways simply copy the Video_TS... Read More »

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Could, the files, once formatted, from hard-disk, be recovered?

Depends really. The thing about erasing or formatting is that the info is still there, the pc just allows it to be overwritten. If you are familar with a disk defragmenter, it illustrates this po... Read More »

Getting two cavities done at once Help?

First of all I'm a senior dental student and >> 8 teeth extracted at once !!! Wow, you are really brave & i don't think you should be worrying at all , filling cavities is like the easiest thing co... Read More »

What are these files that end with .EXE Can we delete all files ending with .exe to save hard disk space?

.exe file are executionable files - they are the ones that run your programs. If you delete these, none of your programs will work. All files relate to a program - if you don't know what it is, l... Read More »

What can be done for a bulging disk?

A bulging disk is a medical condition often called a number of different names. "Bulging disk," "herniated disk" and "pinched nerve" can all refer to a bulging disk. According to the Read More »