How do I easy my Swollen Feet?

Answer Just prop them up above your heart and try to stop the swelling from starting. Too much standing and sitting can also make them swell. good luck.

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Why are my feet&ankles swollen?

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, painless swelling is a condition shared by many, although its more commonly experienced by older people. Sometimes edema is caused by abnorma... Read More »

Swollen Leg and Pitting after all day on feet?

Sounds like normal swelling that can happen when you are on your feet for a long time. People who are on their feet for long periods of time (servers, nurses, doctors, etc) sometimes where pressur... Read More »

Swollen and bruised feet?

The swollen and bruised feet could be due to pedal edema. It is due to vascular congestion.

Are swollen feet an allergic reaction?

THey can be, but then can be indicators of quite a few other things, including: Hyperhydration (usually accompanied by an increase in sodium or potassium consumption). I.E. Water retention. Over-us... Read More »