How do I ease the pain of my friend's death last Sunday?

Answer I helped take care of my mother the last few days of her life, and I have seen patients that I have taken in the ambulance for chronic conditions finally die after long illnesses.There will always ... Read More »

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My husband has a pain on his right side of the chest is there anything that i can give to ease his pain?

Yes, the best thing you can do is to get him to a doctor like ASAP. Any kind of chest pain should be considered and given careful consideration, and be brought to a physician's attention. Mike

How to Ease Into a Group of Friends?

Ok so you want to join a group? It mostly depends on what you want to be or the group you want to join. Do it either because its something you want but don't do it for popularity, it's not the most... Read More »

How to Ease Hip Pain?

The hip is the largest joint in the human body. It supports most of the body's weight and is key to maintaining balance. Because the hip joint and hip region are so crucial to movement, arthritis a... Read More »

What can i do to ease this pain in my leg?

The symptoms do point to a pinched sciatic nerve.To ease the pain, besides rest, do take a long very warm bath, but putEpsom Salts in the water.If it still does not ease, you will need to see the d... Read More »