How do I dye lacrosse heads?

Answer Place electrical tape or hot glue on the head of the lacrosse stick to make the desired design. Mix a package of commercial dye (powder or liquid) in a container large enough to submerge the lacros... Read More »

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How do I customize lacrosse heads?

How to Dye Your Lacrosse HeadLacrosse heads can be customized easily with Rit brand dye. If you want to layer colors, use the lighter color first, then the darker color on top. Purchase the dye col... Read More »

How do i shape lacrosse heads?

Know the RulesBe aware that shaping a lacrosse stick head, or "pinching," will void the warranty from the manufacturer. The legal dimensions should be maintained when making any alterations to the ... Read More »

How do i soften lacrosse heads?

Preparing the Lacrosse headFill a large bucket with very hot water. There are products that can be purchased, but hair conditioner performs the same role. The type of hair conditioner does not matt... Read More »

Can you hit people with lacrosse sticks in a lacrosse game?

Yes, you can hit people with a lacrosse stick, or crosse, during a lacrosse game, but its legality depends on a player's intention. When used as part of a check, it's fine. However, if the crosse i... Read More »