How do I dress with swag?

Answer ok well, "swag" is kind of out. i wouldnt even say swag if i were you haha, the term is kind of dead now. but anyways i know the look youre going for. this look is basically the "trend" now, i woul... Read More »

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How can I dress with swag/look fresh? in us)hope i helped :)

How to Dress Swag/Fly (for Girls)?

If you're a girl (especially a white girl), being stereotypically "swag" may be hard. However! You have found salvation. This article will help you dress, act, have the attitude, and be swag.

How to Make a Dress Like a Taffeta Prom Dress or Cocktail Dress?

A homemade prom dress is like no other dress at the dance as it does not come from the same rack as every other dress. The maker has the benefit of choosing a color that best suits her skin tone. T... Read More »

How to Act Swag?

If you feel like you don't have any swag, read this article to help you.