How do I dress punk?

Answer HairMen should spike their hair, either all-over or in a mohawk or faux-hawk style. This requires the use of gel or strong hair product. Women should dye their hair a vibrant color like red or blue... Read More »

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How to Dress Punk?

Searching for the right punk style, but just can't find it? Read on!

How to Dress Pop Punk?

Here is an article on how to dress pop punk these days. During the 90's long sleeve shirts under band tees, with Dickie khaki shorts, with high socks and vans were popular. But these days the style... Read More »

How to Dress Punk in the Summer?

This is how to look like a punk rocker during the summertime

How to Dress Punk for Prom?

While most so labeled punks don't actually go to prom, maybe you don't want to give in to that stereotype and you are going to go anyway or maybe you are holding your own version of prom for you an... Read More »