How do I drag chart markers to change data in Excel 2007?

Answer Drag Chart MarkersAdd new data to the Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet in the rows and columns adjacent to the existing rows and columns of data. Click the chart to select it. Sizing handles appear... Read More »

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How to automate data range on excel chart?

When creating a Chart, there is problem with specifying a larger area of cells than there exists data. You could end up with a large portion of the graphed data being blank (the cells with no data... Read More »

Is there a way in Excel 2003 to get the source data of a chart(VBA please), I can't find how to do it?

I wished I knew more about what you are attempting to accomplish, and why you want that particular range. It would assist in finding you a way to solve your current problem.There is no GET method ... Read More »

How to Edit Chart Data in PowerPoint 2007?

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel to import charts and graphs.These types of visual aids make understanding the information given during the presentation easier. ... Read More »

Excel 2007: How to Import Data From One Excel Sheet to Another?

In computing terms, a "spreadsheet" is a type of large table that is used to display information. Microsoft Excel 2007 is just one of the many programs that is capable of creating and working with ... Read More »