How do I download videos off youtube and watch them on a dvd player........?

Answer I think the simplest (and free) way to download videos from youtube is this:just go to: the url of the youtube video you want, and you can convert it to any format y... Read More »

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How can I download youtube videos and convert them as mp4 videos?

Don't follow into what these spammers are suggesting, to use THEIR website. Instead, use an official and trusted source, that you can incorporate right into your web browser, rather than relying o... Read More »

How do I download videos from sites such as Youtube convert them to WMV then put them on Windows Movie Maker?

Go to to download the video in an FLV format. Then you need to convert it to a WMV format so use the free software from the link below to convert from FLV to WMV.

How to Burn Videos to a CD & Watch Them on a DVD Player?

Most DVD players also have the ability to read both CD audio and video. This allows you to not only listen to CD music with a DVD player but watch video CD content. Although CD video does not have ... Read More »

How to Download Youtube Videos and Put on Ipod or Watch on Mac?

Ever watched a video on youtube and wanted to have it on your ipod