How do I download music from the internet?

Answer try bressoif it's at schoolnotepad>type "">save as> command.bat>instead of text all files> exit> open it from my documents> type in "ping" whatever website you're trying to... Read More »

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Is it illegal to download music from the internet?

Depends. If you pay for the song and download it from a reputable place like iTunes, Amazon, or Rhapsody, then no. If you download it for free using programs like limewire, then yes.Of course, th... Read More »

Can I download free music from the Internet?

Yes, you can. A number of sites allow users to download free music legally. Sites like Last.FM, iLike, and Epitonic offer a massive selection of free songs and downloads to users at no charge. Band... Read More »

How do i download music from the internet and load it on my ipod?

first it's this site you can download a whole album for 99 cents:legalsounds.comThis is how you can download iTunes onto your computer. It’s really very simple. Put music onto iTunes. Plug in you... Read More »

How to Download a Music URL to the Internet?

As you browse the Internet, it is likely that you have come across more than a few sites offering free music downloads. Although these sites do offer music, you may want to share your own songs wit... Read More »