How do I download games onto a Mac?

Answer Find the GameLocate the link to the game you want to download. Left-click on the "Download" link in your Web browser, and wait for your computer to communicate with the server.Start the DownloadCho... Read More »

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How do I download games onto R4?

Preparing R4 DeviceConnect the mini SD card to your computer through a USB card reader. Select the storage device and create a new folder for your games. The folder in question may have any name of... Read More »

Can you download games onto Gamecube?

No, you cannot download games onto the Nintendo GameCube. While the GameCube did feature a broadband adapter to play a handful of games over the Internet, such as "Phantasy Star Online," it had no ... Read More »

How do I download games onto an R4 card?

Insert the R4 micro SD card into an SD card reader. Connect the SD card reader to an available USB port on your computer. Allow your system to properly register the new hardware component.Obtain yo... Read More »

How do I download games onto a DS Real?

Connect Memory Unit To PCInsert your mini SD card into a memory reader and plug it to an available computer USB port. The DS Real game cart contains a slot where you can insert mini SD cards. In or... Read More »