How do I download games for a Zsnes?

Answer Download a RomSearch for Super Nintendo roms in any search engine. Zsnes is a Super Nintendo emulator that plays game files called roms. When you find a site that has roms available for download, c... Read More »

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How to Download Games on Gamer Media Download?

Gamer Media Download is a media-sharing website that allows you to find and download video-game files, as well as other kinds of media files. The site is free to use and is quite user-friendly. Gam... Read More »

How to Use an .ips File With ZSNES?

ZSNES, a Super Nintendo emulator that allows you to play ROMs of Super Nintendo games that you legally own, has the ability to apply .ips patch files on the fly. The .ips files make changes to ROMs... Read More »

How to Find Someone in ZSNES Netplay?

ZSNES is an emulator for the Super Nintendo game system that allows you to play Super Nintendo games directly on your computer. Not only is it possible to play against friends with multiple joystic... Read More »

How to Patch ZSNES Game Genie?

ZSNES is a free Super Nintendo emulator program. An emulator program runs game console games, much like the small computer inside a game console does when you insert a game cartridge or disc. ZSNES... Read More »