How do I download free Mc Afee protection?

Answer McAfee is only free for AOL members.

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Free download for Virus protection?

NEVER DOWNLOAD ANY FREE VIRUS PROTECTION..There is no such things... The ones that are free put spyware in your computer...I hate to break it to you but u gotta open op the wallet and buy one..

Where can you download a free virus protection program?

Nothing is really free... so you be asked for subscription and you will get some infor in your email...but here you will find good stuffTry they have many free downloads

Is AVG the free download software for protection for your computer.. is it safe and does it do its job?

Can someone please tell me the simplest free antivirus protection to download AVG brought all Google with it!?

Avast is free, and i've never had any problems with brother works in ITand this is the one he recommended.