How do I download a font from

Answer you go on a find the font you want, and click on download pc/ mac os x on the right next to the font. and hit open. then a window will pop up with the font in it.. you drag that to your where your ... Read More »

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How do I download this font?

On the right side you'll see a box that says: DownloadPC / MAC OS XLeft Click on that.Hit "Save"A box will come up asking you where to save the file. Click on the left side that says "Desktop" then... Read More »

How to Download Font Onto a USB?

A font file determines the style of typeface you see on you screen. A computer with multiple font files can display and print a myriad of characters in their word processing documents. If there i... Read More »

How to download tamil font for facebook?

for viewing facebook in Tamil , go to account settings and Languages then Choose Tamil as Primary Language.for writing you have to use any Tamil Editors (azhagi, NHM writer, ekalappai etc) or use g... Read More »

Is there a app i can download to make the font bigger on a nokia lumia 800 ?

I'm afraid Windows Phone 7 is pretty firmly locked down and as far as I'm aware even the modding community haven't had a hue amount of success when it comes to altering WP7 significantly.