How do I download Nintendo games?

Answer Enter the "Wii Shop Channel" on the Nintendo Wii menu. Select "Virtual Console" to see a list of Nintendo games.Select a game to view more information about it. Nintendo offers tiered pricing for i... Read More »

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How to Download Nintendo DS Games?

Hello, today we are going to talk about the various ways you can download DS games FOR A FLASHCART. These can only be played with a flashcart device, such as a R4, G3, and other types.

Can the old Nintendo DS games be used on the new Nintendo DS Lite systems?

The Nintendo DS Lite, like all versions of the system, can play older Nintendo DS games. It can also play all Game Boy Advance games, although game play is available in single-player mode only.Refe... Read More »

Does the Nintendo DSi play regular Nintendo DS games?

You can play a variety of games on the Nintendo DSi, including most Nintendo DS games. The Nintendo DS games that can't function on the DSi are games that rely on the Game Boy Advance game card slo... Read More »

Does the Nintendo use the same games as Nintendo DS Lite?

No, the Nintendo and the Nintendo DS Lite do not use the same games. The original Nintendo games were large cartridges that were inserted into the console. The Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii us... Read More »