How do I download Lost in Springfield map- Minecraft?

Answer Unzip in C:\Users\ [User]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves (replace [User] with the username on your pc.

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Minecraft Server connection lost?

How to fix "connection lost cannot connect to server" error on minecraft?

Either your friend's minecraft server is off, or he failed to port firward correctly so his server is not visible externally.tell him to go to and open port 25565 on TCP and you will be... Read More »

Which would have been the best way to download Minecraft?

https???? my bank website has that but most websites I visit just use http >.> and why are you using Norton?? its so horrible.... My bros computer had that and Norton basically took control and did... Read More »

How to Download Minecraft?

This will show you how to download Minecraft. This wikiHow is easy to follow and good for new Minecraft players.