How do I do this in excel?

Answer You could use MS-Word along with the MS-Excel spreadsheet. In that way you could do a standard Mail Merge. The Help file in Word has details and examples of what to do, and the Mail Merge Wizard ... Read More »

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How to do this formual in Excel?

Let us assume you have all of the members listed individually in column A from rows 2 though 100. (Row 1 contains the column header names for each column containing data.) And column B will indic... Read More »

How to create a excel formula for this (urgrnt)?

Let us assume that column A contains the Month/Day in a Date format, such as "mm-dd". And that column B will contain the numeric year value. The basic formula that will combine those two columns ... Read More »

I have this msg everytime I try to open Excel files -?

Sounds as if this might be on a network file server, which is in a path that has been secured against certain levels of access.Or that the MS-Excel file was created by someone with the Administrato... Read More »

Somethings wrong with this formula IN MS EXCEL =((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ?

You are missing a bracket.Replace the code with: =(((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ^ You are missing this bracket in your formula.