How do I do my makeup like this?

Answer The pictures arent working, Im sorry.

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How can i do my makeup like this?

First if you wear foundation and stuff, apply that how you normally wouldEYES:- Apply a primer so your makeup will last all day or however long you want it to last- Apply a light shimmery eyeshadow... Read More »

How to do makeup like this [pic included]?

Okay so what you do is you start by putting on some foundation- mixed 1 part foundation with 1 part moisturizer. Lightly apply it to your face with either your fingers or a makeup sponge (don't for... Read More »

I like playing around with funky makeup, but is this too much?

I think the first two are cute! I love different colors.But i didnt like the last one, thats a little to much& if i saw you i would ask you to do mines lol.

I HATE questions like this, but do I look better with or without makeup?

I think you look better with just a little bit, but not a lot (like the 2nd picture). You're really pretty! Great question! You get a star! :) ♥